Install umbraco manually.

Discussion Points:

How to install umbraco 4.8.1 / 4.7 manually without web matrix.
  How to install umbraco 4.8.1 manually with sql server 2008 database.

I have gone through many website in search of umbraco 4.8.1 installation but no where I found complete step by step guide which help me as I am new developer in umbraco cms so finally I successfully installed umbraco 4.8.1 version with sql server 2008 data base. After that I decide to share my experience which help you in any way.

System Requirements:

Operating systems: Microsoft windows 7
Data Base : Sql Server 2008
        IIS Server : IIS Server 7.5

If you are not downloaded umbraco file then please download here  first.Download Recommended file see in below Image.

And then follow step-by-step guide to install umbraco.

Step 1:  First Unblocked downloaded zipped file by right click on zipped file and click on unblock see below image.

Step: 2 Now Extract the unblocked ziped file and enter name which you like. Here In my case I used DummyUmbracoApp. and click on Extract.

Step: 3: Now right click on DummyUmbracoApp extract folder and go to security tab.

Step 4: Click on edit button in above image then below link will come.

Step: 5 Now click on Add button in above Iamge then below Image will come.

Now Enter In NETWORK SERVICE and click on check names then below image will come.

Now click on OK and Edit Permission setting for Network Services see below Image.

Make sure that you have checked Full Control and Modify checked for NETWORK SERVICE.  Now click on ok. Again Do Same Step for
IIS_IUSRS and Make sure that Full Control and Modify permision you have checked.See below Image.

Note: When you will enter IIS_IUSRS in field and click on check name button it automatically attached your server name like: NISHANTS7\IIS_IUSRS see below Image.

Step 6 : Now go to host file you will find host file here C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc open Host file
and add host address and host name. Here I have used “  myumbracosite” see below Image. Please remember this host
name we will use “myumbracosite” in  IIS Server Host name.

Step 7: Now go open IIS Server and add new website. See below Image.

Note : Here Site Name can be any thing you like to put. and in host name “myumbracosite” which we have written in host file see above.
and in Application Pool select ASP.NET v4.0   see below Image.

Now choose physical path where you have saved your folder after extracting zip file . In my case I kept DummyUmbracoApp in D drive so I will choose DummyUmbracoApp folder from D drive. See below Image.

Now click on ok.

Step 8:  Now open your database server sql server 2008 and create new data base. In my case i have created a database called umbracoSliderDemo. After Creating Please remember your server name, Connection Name/ user name, and password. In image I
have higlated where you can get server name and connection/user naem.See below Image.

Click on Ok now you are done here .
Step 9:  Now did you remember the host name which you have entered in host file In my case I have written
“myumbracosite”. Now open Browser and enter http://myumbracosite/ and click on enter It will open.Image
Note: Some time it give IIS Server default Image in this case Please press ctrl+f5 to refresh.

After click on lets get started you will see below image.

Click on Accept and Continue button after that you will see below image.

Click on Install Button after that you will see below Image.

Now Click on create User and here you are done.

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