Cheat sheet for umbraco development for Newbie

umbraco Get member by email address

Member memInfo = GetMemberFromEmail("");

Get member from cache in umbraco

Member currentMem = Member.GetCurrentMember();
Member memInfo = GetMemberFromCache(currentMem.Id);

Get member by username in umbraco

Member[] memberList = GetMemberByName("username", false);

Get member by Name instead of user name in umbraco

Member[] memberList = GetMemberByName("name", true);

umbraco Get current member information

Member currentMem = Member.GetCurrentMember();

umbraco Get current member loginName

Member currentMem = Member.GetCurrentMember();
string memeberLoginName = currentMem.LoginName;

umbraco Get current member password

Member currentMem = Member.GetCurrentMember();
string currentMemPassword = currentMem.Password;

umbraco Get current member Id

Member currentMem = Member.GetCurrentMember();
int memberId = currentMem.Id;

Here I have shared useful link based on there context which is very useful for new umbraco developer.

 Umbraco Article

how To Set Nevigation In Umbraco:

Parameter Passing in umbraco

Execute Stored Procedure from umbraco–Umbraco

How to Create Member In umbraco

XSLT Library Information for umbraco

How to add java script in XSLT


online XSLT viewer
Create Member Type Programatically:

Create Media Type and Media by code in c#:


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