Google: Fact behind Google Page Rank algorithm

What is page rank algorithm?

Page rank is the algorithm which is used by Google search engine to give rank to a web page. Page ranking algorithm is formulated by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in their research paper “The Anatomy of a Large-scale Hyper textual Web Search Engine”.

Premise in Brin & Larry Research paper was: The Importance of a web page can be judged by the number of hyperlink pointing to it from other web pages.  Brin & Larry simply applied this premises in real world and there result GOOGLE Search.


In Above Figure: has 5 incoming link and 2 outgoing link all of  the incoming link has there associated Google page rank as well as outgoing link. So By above statement what would you say? Will xyz have high page rank then all other site which is linking I mean pointing to it ? Wait we will come at this point…….Here I am interested to find out rank of before that look mathematical statement of ranking algorithm.

So what about Google page rank algorithm:

Don’t worry no need to know more mathematics here it’s so simple to understand ranking algorithm. Here we understand ranking algorithm by taking example of Here we will calculate page rank of

Assume number of outgoing link:  = 18, = 20, = 41, = 14, = 27

PR( = (1-d)+d(PR(abc)/ 14 + PR(apis)/ 41 + PR(kskad)/ 20  +PR(anti)/18 +PR(zzz)/27)

Here d is dumping factor which is usually changed by time to time by Google generally it sets to 0.85.

In this way we have calculated page ranking of

So The page rank of a web page is calculated as sum of the page rank of all pages linking to it (it’s incoming links), divided by number of outgoing  links on each of those incoming web pages.

So We have calculated our page rank. But still one question I left for you does only incoming page rank will give high rank to a web page or does only incoming page ranking is a factor for web page ranking.

Google: Ranking factor for Google page ranking algorithm:

Incoming and Outgoing Link factor:

From a search engine market’s point of view, there are two ways in which Page Rank can affect the position of your page on Google.

1) Incoming Link: The number of incoming links to your page obviously the more of the incoming link, the better. But there is another thing the algorithm tells us: No incoming link can have negative effect on the page rank of the page it points. So more incoming link more page rank of your page.

2) Outgoing Link: The number of outgoing links on the page that point to your page. I mean incoming links will also have outgoing link which should be fewer then it will be better for you. This is quite interesting : It means given two pages of equal page rank linking to you one with 5 outgoing links and other with 10 , then your page will get twice the increase in page rank from the page with only 5 outgoing links.

So above point we can conclude that only number of incoming link doesn’t determine page rank. Outgoing Link of incoming link play some role in page ranking as I stated in point 2 above.

3)  Multiplying factor: Perhaps a good way to look page rank is as a multiplying factor, which applied after all computation has been completed like indexing is one of the computation tasks. The Google algorithm first calculates the relevance of pages in its index to search term, and then multiplies this relevance by the Page Rank to produce a final list.  The higher your page rank, so higher in search result.

Note: Still there are many other factors related to the positioning of the page in search result.

In my point of view Page Rank algorithm very cleverly balanced like conservation of energy theorem in physics with every reaction ranking algorithm has balancing factor which is changed time to time by Google itself.

4)Number of Pages in your website: This factor looks strange for me because here Google give starter page rank 1 to each page of your site it means if your web apps contain 10 pages then your website page rank is sum of all pages page rank which is equal to 10.

5) Keyword and meta tag factor

6) Site content

7) Dumping Factor: (d) It is usually changed by Google time to time for balancing page rank.

So By above factor we can say that page rank doesn’t only depend up on only incoming link instead this there are many factor as I have stated above. So in this way we can say that page rank of website will not only determine by incoming link.

Google Page Rank Calculator:

   Here Is a link for you that can calculate page rank of your site.

I will keep continuing to share my finding on Google page ranking algorithm.


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  6. i understood the page ranking…but i have a doubt… the page rank is calculated using rank of incoming link and number of outgoing link…..suppose a page which is pointing to your example)..and the pounting page rank is zero….does it mean that the incoming page which is pointing to, do not have any incomoing link?….

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