Umbraco: How to Log or store error in umbraco Log Table by c#.

Umbraco provide easy way to log exception in there Log table with additional information.

Namespace : using umbraco.BusinessLogic; and using umbraco.NodeFactory;

Method: Log.Add(LogTypes.Type of Log, int nodeId, string error message)

LogTypes : Type of error you want to store. Actually It means under which category you want to file your error or comment.
General LogType: Copy , Custom , Debug , Error, Login and many more.

Node Id: Id of node for which you are loging the error or comment in Log table.
Ex: Node.GetCurrent().Id

Comment: String text you want to store.

For Instance:
Log.Add(LogTypes.Debug, Node.GetCurrent().Id, string.Format(“It seems that you have not setup your mail server”));
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