umbraco : How to retrieve drop down value and drop down text in umbraco using c#.

We have some scenario where we want to fetch custom umbraco dropdown list field value and text. For Instance consider situation where you have defined prevalue A, B, C, D in umbraco dropdown list data types and you want to retrieve user selected value from code behind.

See Below Image


demodropdownlist used in demoDropdown document type as property data type.


Now In code Behind file we can retrieve user selected value. In content section it look like


In code behind file we can retrieve user selected value text I mean A, B, C, D or it’s value.

 // Define content node ID in which dropdown data type has been used
 int contentNodeID = 1200;
 Document docDropDown = new Document(contentNodeID);

// Retrive Prevalue of selected value
 int selectedPreVal = Convert.ToInt32(docDropDown.getProperty("dropdownabcd").Value);
 [/sourcecode ]

// Retrive corresponding Text value corrospond to prevalue
 string selectedTextVal = umbraco.library.GetPreValueAsString(selectedPreVal);

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