Introducing canumeet’s awesome scheduling capabilities

Whether you are a professional or a businessman, scheduling appointments at the right time is one of the most important parts which, if done correctly, would drive your or your business’s growth easily.

At canUmeet, our ultimate goal is to make appointment scheduling so easy for you that you don’t have to worry about your calendar every again. We have been rolling out features after features and are receiving great response along with many feature requests.

Here, we would like to introduce our scheduling capabilities for one-to-one appointments or group events.

Create one-to-one or group events in a jiffy
When you sign up for canumeet, you can create a new event by clicking on the“Create New Event” button. This would open up a new event page which you can fill to create your event very easily.


User information, pricing, reminders and feedback
A basic event or appointment can be created very easily without specifying much information. If required, the platform also allows you to set pricing, specify what all information you need when the user is signing up, set email reminders and ask for feedback from the user once the event is over. All these settings are available under the Advanced Options section when you create an event.


Get a public event page
Once an event is created, you can visit the public event page by clicking on the View Public Page button. The public page gives your customers access to your availability and gives them the freedom to choose from whatever slot suits them.


See your all schedule in nicer way


Get reminders and notifications when anyone registersStart using canumeet and make sure neither you nor your customers ever forget the appointments again. canumeet send reminders about your booked appointments as per your specifications.

Timezone will never be an issue again
Do you waste time in calculating time differences and scheduling calls is now math problem than anything else? canumeet makes sure that you see the time in your time-zone and your customers see it in theirs!

..and a lot more!
This is just the top of the ice-berg. Sign up on today and discover lot’s more!

Best wishes,
Team Canumeet

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Guest post by Nishant


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