Don’t lose your prospective customers — Use canUmeet’s appointment scheduling.

Are you worried that all that advertising is not getting you enough customers?

Is it that your customer acquisition cost is way too high and your earnings minimal? Is the bounce rate of you website above 50%? If that is the case then welcome to the club!

In today’s world getting the attention of your customer is one of the most difficult job of an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Customers visit your website, look or not look at your products or services, try to understand it a little and leave. A few customers who are actually interested in your product/service might go to the ‘contact us’ page and drop you an email. Then you reply after a few hours & by that time they have forgotten about you.

We can write about the problem for hours and our server would crash because of the blog post size so we’ll keep it simple — We lose our prospective customers because we aren’t readily available to them for demos, interactions and conversations.

canUmeet to the rescue! Let’s say every day you want to keep two hours for customers and give them a ten minute slot each. You can use canUmeet’s free service, create a one-to-one public event, put down your availability and share the page with your customers. When they open your public page they can book an appointment according to the time which they find is suitable and you can have a nice one-on-one with them where you can explain your product, pricing, give demos or pitch!

They would be reminded of the event as per your choice and it would sync with your google calendar.

Guest Post By: Nishant Sharma

Team Canumeet
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