About Me

Nishant                    Hi I think you want to know about me well…My name is Nishant,I’m 24 and I love mathematics and  computer science. Currently I live in Bhubaneswar and enjoying coding with mindfire solutions, I have a bachelor degree in computer science.  I love to do coding in c, c++ , c#, java-script, python. My hobby is learning programming language, code optimization, watching video lectures, and in spare time I love to share my experience with you.
The goal of this website is to share all of my knowledge,experience and ideas out for everyone to read.

Thanks for your time to read about me.

nihantanu[at the rate]gmail[dot]com  : @ Contact Me 

Nishant Kumar  :@Stack Overflow

 Nishant Kumar @Linkedin Profile

Nishant Kumar @Follow me on twitter

Some of the most viewed my article

  • Umbraco: XML Serialization of custom data value in umbraco.
  • Google: Fact behind Google Page Rank algorithm
  • Umbraco: Execute Code after Document Publish in umbraco CMS by c#.
  • Umbraco: How to Create Custom data type in umbraco using c#.
  • SQL: Return data by using OUTPUT clause in sql while insert.
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