It’s Google DART Intoduction

What is dart?

It is an open source web application language which is now in a development phase under google and soon to become a product by 2013. It takes advantage of the wide area of html 5 features and CSS to create a application. It is an object oriented, class based dynamic language with closure and lexical scope.

What was the need for this development ?

This language take a different approach toward a web application and hence creates a plus point for :-

  • Fast development
  • easy learning for the developers
  • less complex code and less number of line of codes
  • gives more flexibility for the developers

Thought about developing this language popped out because of the complexity of the javascript and the amount of CPU which it takes while running a javascript. The application developed on dart runs 10 times faster on web browser.

What is the amount of effort taken by the user to learn this language?

It is designed in such way that it is easy to learn for the developers who is familiar with C#, java, action-script and javascript.

import 'dart:html';
main() {
  var msg = query('#msg');
  var btn = new ButtonElement();
  btn.text = 'Click me!'; => msg.text = 'Dart!');

The code syntax is familiar and easy to learn

How it Works fast for the web application ?

There is very less amount of code needed to run a good application as the lines of code is reduced and so line of code is transferred over the network which results in faster loading of codes and fast execution and producing results .

What do we need to run a dart application on a system ?

We need to have a dart VM(dart virtual machine) web browser to run a dart web application(Chromium is a dart web browser). If we don have that then we need to have a modern browser which supports HTML 5. As it converts a dart code into a javascript code and enables the application to run in all modern browser.

How do we get started with a dart development?

You can download the application development kit from

It includes dart editor and chromium browser which is needed to run dart codes

Taken from :-

Google developer channel from you tube