How to calculate the Last Day of the month using Filemaker

Often we need to calculate the last Day or Date of the month of a year. Particularly useful to display on the report headers where we need to display the data from first of the month to the last. The calculation of last day of the month is a problem when we take into consideration the month february and the leap year. We will have to write some case statements to arrive the calculation. But there is simpler approach here. A pretty small calculation that will give you the last date and hence the day can be calculated from it.Here it goes like this below one.
Date((SuppliedMonth+ 1), 1, SuppliedYear) -1
This gives you the last date of the month. Now to calculate the day just use the day function.
Day(Date((SuppliedMonth+ 1), 1, SuppliedYear) -1)


Optimized way for Counting total no of record in Portal in Filemaker.

As we know that we generally we use count () function for counting total no of record in related table, but it’s take time when we have large number of data. So there is a function called Get(FoundCount) which calculate total no of record in portal in fastest way.

Put a Field Called Found_Record_Count  in Related table on wich Portal is displayed and make it Unstored Calculation field with Get ( FoundCount ) function and mark calculation result as Number.